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Nooriabad Gymkhana

Nooriabad Gymkhana Club NGC is a family entertainment facility with custom designed construction to incorporate our core themes

Learning | Adventure | Sports | Business

These themes widely encompass the mental emotional and social needs of every family and cover all facets of life in an informal and liberating way that embraces every individual, young and old alike, with their unique talents and individual needs rather then making them feel judged on any standard criteria.

NGC aims to bring families together and provide bonding and growing opportunities through unconventional learning, unique adventure experiences, competitive team sports and cutting-edge business skills at a serene countryside location.


“Holistic Organic Learning, Screen-Free Adventure, excellence in Sports and enabling Business environment”


“To develop an exemplary entertainment real estate model with community development goals and provision of a family recreation facility”


To transform the idea of fun and entertainment to include holistic engagement activities for head, heart and hands aimed at overall physical, mental, emotional, financial spiritual and social health and development.

Meet the Power Couple

Syed Kashif Shah

Syed Kashif Shah is a real estate business guru for the past 15 years. He is the Chairman of Zaamin Group and Nooriabad Gymkhana Club.

Being a sports strategist and enthusiast in his youth he values the importance of physical activity in developing well rounded and disciplined individuals. He wishes to facilitate sports for youth and adults both males and female to promote energetic and healthy lifestyle.

His trail blazing and ingenious business leadership has started many flagship and revolutionary trends in Real Estate Industry. His business acumen and futuristic vision made it possible to incorporate a business theme at a family recreation center to make it truly holistic and inclusive of all aspects of life.

He is a hardcore philanthropist and supports various causes. He is a patron and well wisher of the real estate community and actively advocates for the development and uplifting of the real estate industry by advocating reforms, trainings and human resource development.

Meet the Power Couple

Sarwat Nasim Shah

Sarwat N Shah is Lawyer and Integrative Therapist by education and serves at the Managing Director at the family business, Zaamin Group and Nooriabad Gymkhana.

Her dedication to her business combined with her passion for education and emerging digital technologies drives her to push the limits and be immensely innovative. She believes in finding opportunity in crisis. Her creative and visionary leadership has aided the company to grow in challenging situations.

She is the Author of Pakistan’s first Parenting Handbook “Smart Parents Handbook” and a fan of IB and Waldorf Education System. She was awarded with the title of Ponds Woman Of the Year in 2017. Her vision to promote assertive parenting and natural child development through learning and adventure lead to the vision of creating a holistic thriving environment for children and families that became the foundation stone of NGC.

She is the founder of Khudi – A mental- emotional health community support platform particularly aimed at helping parents, tweens and teens to deal with developmental issues and relationship conflicts through individual and group counselling and therapy.

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