Treetop Adventure+ is all about the ‘more’. More speed, more air, more freedom, more height and more thrills.If you are looking for a step up from our Adventure course, turn things up a notch with Adventure+. A chance to engage in where food really comes from. Through a hands-on (and tasty) tour, discover how we ensure our garden remains sustainable and organic. The group will be able to pick and eat some of our produce straight from the plants and also help with either harvesting or sewing crops as well.
Looking for something even more challenging and ideal for adults? Check out Challenge.Find your nearest high ropes adventure, that's ideal for you, today.
Brand New Treetop Adventure+ just launched at Go Ape Bracknell and Go Ape Leeds Castle.

A high ropes activity designed for older children with (or without) their families in mind. Adventure+ hits the feel-good factor every time.Looking for something more challenging and ideal for adults? Treetop Challenge might just be the answer.

Quick Info

  • Level Easy
  • Duration 1 - 3 hours
  • Player 12
  • Age 10 - 18


  • An Adult (18+) can supervise up to 8 children (6-15 years and over 1.2m).
  • Adults can supervise from the ground or up on the course.
  • 16-17 year olds do not need supervision.
  • Adults who are up for testing their limits in the great outdoors.


  • Minimum age: 10 years old
  • Maximum weight: 20.5 stone (130kg)
  • Designed for those over 13 years old and 7 stone/45kg
  • Minimum height: 1.4 metres (4ft 7")

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