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NGC has an over all theme of life as an adventure. The infrastructure, the plans as well as the activities reflect this grand theme.

Going on adventures gives you a sense of achievement and raises your tolerance for uncertainty. Placing yourself in situations where things don’t always go as planned—such as on an adventure trip—helps you learn to cope with uncertainties in life.

The mental boost you get from adventure activities can be even more significant than the physical one. Being exposed to the new situations and challenges that adventure brings about can also reboot the brain in ways you never thought possible. The daily cares that dominate your thoughts and sap your energy at home hold no sway when you live through a dream adventure…

Adventure trips have a dramatic impact. You’ll return rested and refreshed, of course, but getting outside of your comfort zone and doing something positive and healthy can have long-lasting physical and mental rewards.

At NGC, risk and adventure are believed to be a vital part of growing up. We only need to watch kids on the playground to see how they love to jump, swing, climb and run. It is through being active that children learn what their bodies are capable of.

In this age of obesity, being active is vital to their long term health. But being active in the outdoors and doing adventure activities is extra special.

Kids crave adrenalin, they need the buzz that comes from appropriate risk taking, and the confidence that a child gets from successful completing a physical challenge cannot be beaten. It is worth noting that as children’s’ lives became ‘less risky’ as we started driving them to school and confined play to the front yard – engagement in inappropriate risk (smoking, drugs, petty crime and sexual activity) increased.

Through ample provision of adventure activities we aim to help families read well rounded, satisfied and disciplined youth.

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