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The Sports Landscape of NGC is a hub for the best of both traditional and lifestyle sports. Utilising the life skill based curriculums of traditional sports like cricket and scouting to identity and subculture based lifestyle sporting like skateboarding, parkour and other action sports, NGC is developing an inclusion and diversity based facility for young and old of both genders alike to promote physical, psychological and personal growth opportunities.

An important characteristic and intensifying trend in the twenty-first century within

sporting cultures is an increase in the range and diversity of sports practices,

particularly more informal and individualistic activities widely termed as extreme, alternative, adventure and lifestyle sports

In this Sportscape, boys are often seen to find identity and expression through sports an now girls are also increasingly participating in all kind of sporting activities and expressing their identities through their preferred activity. People who have grown or opted out of sports due to demands of a practical life also deserve a chance to live their passion once again.

With this expanded and diversified view, NGC invites participation from enthusiasts to play with their unique styles and passion.

~ Sports teach teamwork, problem solving and Leadership skills

~ Life skills of inclusion and respect for diversity of ability, gender, race , colour, age and opinion

~ Sports reduce stress and anxiety and boost Self Esteem

~ Physical activity keeps your heart and blood vessels healthy, helping to prevent hypertension.

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